Moser Carnegia Bowl

Style: Ocean Green
Sale priceQAR 28.000,00


Moser Limited 50-Piece Edition

"When designing the Carnegia collection I was inspired by the cactus species Carnegiea gigantea. Its beautiful appearance, starting off with a ball and, over time, growing to gigantic heights, as well as its surface wrinkles make it seem as though it was destined to be rendered using a wedge-shaped cutter on crystal. The simplicity of the cuts, together with the pure shape, showcases the beautiful colours of Moser crystal," says author Filip Houdek about his collection. Limited edition: 50 pcs (ocean green) Hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal. Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss.

Size: H 32cm.

Made in the Czech Republic.

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