Golden White Coffee Set

Sale priceQAR 950,00


A beautiful coffee set that every minimalistic person in the world will find attractive! Get our Golden White Coffee Set (23-Piece Coffee Set).

This coffee shares a similarity with the rest yet it is probably the only coffee set that has a quality that the rest doesn't have. The Golden White Coffee Set's Dallah does not have a ceramic base for its body. It boasts a golden body lining that surrounds the item horizontally. Simplistic yet still maintaining an aura of elegance. The rest of the pieces of this coffee set follows the same design making it a coffee set for those who adore the concept of minimalism. As a final finish, the coffee set is support by yet another work of art. A golden outer frame is placed on top of the ceramic. This golden frame resembles a beautiful flower vineyard in gold which will captivate the eyes of anyone that looks upon it.

This Coffee Set much like the others comes with the following pieces: 2 Dallah with different sizes, A Coffee Tray, 6 Glass, 6 Gahwa Cups, 6 Coffee Saucers, 1 Dates Container, and 1 Sugar Container for a total of 23-piece Coffee Set.

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