Horse Design Bukhoor Crystal Burner

Color: Amber
Sale priceQAR 1.250,00


Crafted with the utmost precision whilst having Earth's most noble stead as the subject. This Bukhoor Crystal Burner will not only add that charming scent to your household but will also put a smile on your face every time you look at it!

23 CM in height and designed in the most magnificent and unique way. We present to you our Bukhoor Crystal Burner (Horse Design). This Bukhoor Crystal Burner falls under our Delord Crystals Category together with the rest of our amazing and inspiring Bukhoor Crystal Sets. This particular Bukhoor Crystal Burner is inspired by the bust of a horse. There are 9 Horse busts on this masterpiece each perfectly capturing the emotions and grace of one of the earth's most majestic animals. This noble steed is immortalized in this masterpiece which was carefully crafted to emulate the real deal.

This product does not come with any other items (Single Product Only) and there are a variety of colors that you can pick from, These colors are as follows: (1) Amber, (2) Blue & Gray Mix, (3) Crimson Red, and finally (4) White. Each product perfectly resembles the other with the only difference being the color.

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