Moser Pear Vase Series

Style: Aqua Reseda 1
Sale priceQAR 29.500,00


Design: 2012

A Brilliant Attraction

 “A well-cut brilliant firmly holds its inclined surface. The precisely cut edges evoke an outwardly strict and exacting appearance, but inside lies a pure soul. The Pear is, at the same time, a sitting figure, a friend who will never abandon you,” says the author.

The success of the Pear vase is followed by a bowl of similarly pronounced design. The confident cut of the robust crystal body is highlighted in traditional Moser colours and further enhanced by underlaid hues. Two bowl sizes in three colour combinations allow you to choose the right piece for any interior.


Aqua Reseda 1: 30 cm

Rose: 20 cm

Aqua Reseda 2: 13 cm

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