Red Flower Coffee Set

Sale priceQAR 950,00


The Red Flower Coffee Set brings the beauty of red flowers to your home. This is a 23-Piece Coffee Set.

There is a certain elegance to red flowers and this is reflected on the design of this coffee set making tea and coffee time a wonderful and elegant experience. As a final finish, the coffee set is support by yet another work of art. A golden outer frame is placed on top of the ceramic. This golden frame resembles a beautiful flower vineyard in gold which will captivate the eyes of anyone that looks upon it.

This Coffee Set much like the others comes with the following pieces: 2 Dallah with different sizes, A Coffee Tray, 6 Glass, 6 Gahwa Cups, 6 Coffee Saucers, 1 Dates Container, and 1 Sugar Container for a total of 23-piece Coffee Set.

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